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The Specialty of Ipt

Waste does not exist



Ipt is the only specialist in the unique industry of processing laminated cardboard that (mainly) comes from the packaging industry. Thanks to our specialism and worldwide network, we are able to completely take over your waste flows that arise during production. Ipt arranges the entire logistics and ensures that your composite raw materials are collected and recycled so that they can ultimately be used for new purposes.


When relieving your waste burden, you no longer have to take anything into account and we ensure that the waste can be fully loaded at the desired time. This makes sorting the composite waste completely a thing of the past for you!


We return all the acquired waste and waste flows to the basic raw materials where it is then recycled into a new product. In this way, your waste flows are used efficiently as secondary raw material.


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For the industry in which Ipt operates worldwide, it is important that everything is done in accordance with the regulations of the relevant countries where the flows are purchased and brought to.



Ipt is therefore officially checked annually by their main suppliers on the validity of all certificates. The most important certificates for Ipt are therefore the ISO 9001, FSC Certificate, NIWO and the AQSIQ Certificate. If it is necessary for Ipt to obtain new certificates, this option is always available. Convenience for the suppliers of the waste flows is therefore paramount here.



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